Real Patient Stories


“Seal Beach Dental Implants helped me get my real smile back. The doctor was very truthful and good at explaining the work to be done, and the staff was very friendly and helpful. Gail and Yoko made me feel very welcome, and Connie and Quyen especially helped me with my fear of dental work. Now, I can eat apples and chips and salsa again—yahoo! I would recommend this establishment to anybody needing implants and good dentistry work done.”


New Teeth in One Day


“When I was younger, I was always complimented on my beautiful smile. Over the years, my health affected my teeth, and then my teeth began affecting my health. I am so thankful that I was referred to Seal Beach Dental Implants. Another dentist told me I was not a candidate for implants, but the doctor at Seal Beach Dental Implants checked everything out and said that I was a good candidate.

“From the first visit, the office and dental staff were welcoming and friendly, putting me at ease. Now it feels like family. Seal Beach Dental Implants gave me back my smile, confidence, self-esteem and my life. I’m also able to eat anything I want. I say ‘thank you’ to everyone at the office, and I feel relieved and confident that they can carry on with any treatment I may need in the future!”


Dental Implants


“My experience was great from the very beginning. The staff made everything easy from making my appointment and getting me in quickly. When I went in for my procedure, I was very impressed with how quickly they got me in and out.

“Everyone at the practice is so friendly and very professional. I will definitely recommend them to anyone I know that would need their services.”


Gum Disease Treatment


“In my late teens and early 20s, I became very conscious and aware of my gummy smile. Even on my wedding day, I was more nervous about my smile and constantly thinking I shouldn’t smile too big. Dr. Aslam did a great job of explaining the procedure to correct my gummy smile and handled it with ease and comfort. I’m so happy with the result. Now, I can smile, laugh and enjoy life without being self-conscious about my smile.”


Cosmetic Gum Treatment


“I had known for quite some time that I needed to see a specialist regarding my gum and bone loss. I had spoken to other doctors about what I needed done to resolve my stage of gum disease but could simply not commit to having anyone do the work—until I came to Seal Beach Dental Implants. Dr. Aslam explained my gum health to me so well, and outlined the treatment so clearly, that it made my decision to work with him very easy. Within 30 days of that visit, I found that my oral health had progressed dramatically. And the whole process that I thought was going to be scary and painful was not at all. I wish I’d come here sooner!”


Deep Cleaning

Portrait image of a patient.

“My teeth have always been a thorn in my side, from childhood onward. So many issues over my lifetime with my teeth. I never smiled with my mouth open because I’ve been ashamed of my smile and very sensitive about how my teeth looked.

“I’m so thankful that I had my New Teeth in One Day dental process with Dr. Aslam’s office. I love my new teeth and I’m glad to feel happy about my new smile. Little by little I’m learning to smile and show my teeth.

“The office staff are cheerful and welcoming. They really care about me and my outcome. They made sure to take all the steps needed to get as much of the procedure covered by my dental insurance as possible, and they took the time to answer my questions about the timing of the process. I work full-time and they were so kind to assist me in figuring out the best scheduling for each step of the process. I’m someone who needs extra time and lots of details before I feel comfortable planning and deciding on things.

“You’ll be glad that you selected Dr. Aslam and his caring staff at Seal Beach Dental Implants. I’m super pleased with my fantastic result and you will be too. If you share a similar experience as me, it’s time to feel more confident like I do now! Dr. Aslam and staff are all-stars!”


New Teeth in One Day

“My dentist recently advised me that I need an 'implant' for one of my teeth. She recommended Dr. Aslam for the procedure. Dr. Aslam proved to be an excellent specialized dentist for this procedure. He is educated, professional, polite, and explains the process in a way that the patient is informed and confident with the procedure. Dr. Aslam's assistant, Quyen, is also remarkable in keeping the patient informed. The office staff is welcoming and professional. If I ever need an implant again it will be performed by Dr. Aslam. Thank you Dr. Aslam and the entire staff.”


Dental Implants

What Other Dentists Say About Dr. Sheryar Aslam


“I have had the pleasure of knowing Dr. Aslam for over 12 years and can say beyond a doubt he is one of the most skilled, compassionate and ethical dentists I have encountered in my career. I would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. If you find yourself in need of a dental implant or gum treatment, you will be well served by scheduling a consultation and treatment with Dr. Aslam.”

Andrew Chapokas



“I was in a multi-dentist group practice where Dr. Aslam was the surgeon. Being the director of the practice, I was able to evaluate both the short and long term outcomes of his care. I can say that Dr. Aslam was by far the most skilled surgeon we had over this 20-year period. I was constantly impressed by his precision, success rate, patient satisfaction and his ability to integrate and oversee completion of complex prosthetics. He was thorough in his pre-surgical assessment of patients and was a great communicator with his patients. I recommend Dr. Aslam without exception.”

Roger Fieldman