Snap-On Dentures
in Seal Beach, California

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If you’re tired of loose dentures and the low chewing power they provide, Dr. Aslam can give you enhanced stability and stronger chewing with dental implants.

Implant-supported, “snap-on” dentures provide a much better chewing experience than conventional dentures. Dr. Aslam can stabilize a lower denture using a minimum of two implants, though more is better. Four implants supporting a lower denture can restore around 70 percent of the patient’s natural chewing power, while a traditional denture only provides around 10 percent.

Implant-supported snap-in denture

Special attachment points on the implants connect with corresponding sockets on the dentures, allowing you to easily “snap” the dentures in and out of your mouth.

Dr. Aslam can also stabilize an upper denture using a minimum of four implants. Snap-on upper dentures do away with the false upper palate that covers the roof of the mouth, which means patients can taste and feel their food much better than with a traditional upper denture.

Snap-on dentures can be a more affordable option than fixed-in, implant-supported teeth, however they do not provide the full chewing power and convenience that fixed-in teeth do. Dr. Aslam can go over the differences between snap-on teeth and the New Teeth in One Day procedure with you in an informative consultation.

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